About Us

The founders of The Speed Traveler, Chris Evertsen and Charlie Frank, share a passion for auto racing, exotic and vintage cars, and wild road trip adventures. As small children, the guys spent many weekends with Charlie’s older brother Ralph at most of the west coast racing venues including Riverside Raceway, Laguna Seca, Sonoma Raceway and more. Now as adults, they have the pleasure of spending their lives in the automotive world working as race driving instructors, precision drivers in Hollywood, event and motorsports promoters and automotive video content creators. TheSpeedTraveler.com is a place where Chris and Charlie highlight their road trips, favorite vehicles and interesting car finds. These videos and posts have led to The Speed Traveler producing its own automotive travel content called, “Best Roads”. 

Chris and Charlie love hearing from automotive enthusiasts around the world so please send them an email at info@thespeedtraveler.com and share your favorite car stories.