It isn’t every day that we come across a real Corvette race car with history from the 1960s, 70s and 80s at a bargain price. There are a lot of “tribute” race cars out there that are converted street cars built to look like vintage race cars of the past, but what we have here is a “Real McCoy”. Like many great cars finds, this Corvette racer spent 20 years in a barn in Wisconsin before being rescued by longtime SCCA and vintage racer Howard. The car is located near the famed Road America track in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Although this race car looks a little sad as it sits, listed at only $11,995, there is a lot of upside to be had for the right buyer. You can find the details here in the ad on RacingJunk. 

corvette 1

This race car started life in 1969 as a SCCA B Production contender. In the capable hands of local legend Dick Danielson, the car won many races and in 1977 finished 3rd at the SCCA National Championships. In the mid-1980s the car was re-bodied and updated to SCCA Trans Am specs. The new bodywork transformed the car into a clone of Greg Pickett’s 1980 Trans Am Championship car. Note – Greg Pickett was a prolific Trans Am Championship racer in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. He campaigned some of the most radical Corvette race cars ever conceived. But back to our subject, this car changed hands many times before ending up stowed away in a barn for 20 years. It is complete minus the carb, distributor, shifter and oil tank which were all sold off by accident at an estate sale.

corvette 2

The Corvette comes with a new in 2000 Rick Kippley dry sump motor, tuned for racing and when running again should turn out near 600 horsepower. Keep in mind the car has been sitting for 20 years so newbie restorers take caution, this is car will require some expertise to get on the track again. The seller estimates that with an investment of around $20,000 and some garage time, you could have yourself one heck of a Group 6 vintage race car. There is something about these C3 race cars, the curving fenders, the muscular stance, they just look like nothing else on the track. Which one of The Speed Traveler followers is going to step up and get this vintage Corvette race car back on the track?

corvette 3