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Submit your content here for a chance to be featured in either our Videos or Car Finds section. If we feature your content you will receive some great The Speed Traveler swag!

Have you found that incredible Car Find and want to submit it for a possible featured article on TST? Follow the instructions below for submitting:

  1) Send us three photos of the vehicle including one exterior, one interior and one engine bay (if you found the vehicle on Craigslist or EBay just send us the link to the ad and we will get the photos).

  2) Write three short paragraphs about the vehicle (you must do this whether it is your car or you found an ad for the vehicle). Paragraph one should contain- make, model, year, location of vehicle why it is cool. Paragraph two is a longer description and why the vehicle is significant, interesting, history of the model. Paragraph three is engine size (horsepower if known), performance, rarity (manual) 0-60 or overall performance. To submit EMAIL US HERE.

Do you have a fun and interesting automotive video you would like to submit for a chance to be featured on TST?

Instructions for submitting:

  1) Send us an email with a link to your automotive related video (youtube, vimeo etc).

  2) On the same email with the link, send us a brief description of the video including your full name, make/model/year of vehicle and why it is significant and where you shot the video (example “this was shot on my favorite road, Mulholland Highway in Malibu, CA). To submit – EMAIL US HERE.