This is The Speed Travelers first “Car Find” post so we wanted to present something that is both very unique and very cool.

What we have here is a 1990 Ford “Kelly” Python prototype. If you haven’t heard of it, well neither had we until we found it scouring the Craigslist private party vehicle ads. This is believed to be one of just 12 of these beautiful cars built which use the Ford Mustang Cobra engine/5 speed transmission/chassis and the suspension redesign from Lotus. This Python has just 46,750 miles on it and lives in the driest of dry locations in sunny Palm Springs, California. For a car that is so clean and unique, $45,000 doesn’t sound outrageous at all. You can find the listing on Craigslist here

ford python

Originally designed in the mid 1960s by Ford’s VP of Design, Eugene Bordinat, as a potential successor to Carroll Shelby’s AC Cobra, the Python was “shelved” when Shelby and Ford parted ways. 15 years had passed and then a man named Alvin Kelly came across the car. With the approval of designer Bordinat, Kelly built 4 prototypes with the intention of selling the Python through Ford dealers. Kelly then set up shop in Boulder, Colorado where he planned on building many Pythons. Sadly, only around seven were made at the shop before the Python’s days were ended.

Ford Python Side

This Python looks to be in very good condition. The seller does state that the top needs replacing – but no mention of how difficult (or easy) that might be. Pythons were built on a strengthened Mustang chassis that according to some had the wheel base shortened. A quick eye-ball test would suggest that the Python seems to have about the same wheel base as a Mustang from that era. This indeed is a very unique looking car with the large overhangs at the front and back.

ford python engine

Under the hood is the Ford Mustang Cobra 5.0, good for 225 hp and 300 lbs. of torque. The Python features the Cobra’s 5-speed manual and the suspension was designed by Lotus. The numbers suggest a 0-60 time of around 6 seconds, but it really isn’t about the performance. This car was meant to be taken for cruises on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, where you will have every exotic car person scratching their heads. Or, as a stand out at any cars ‘n coffee, hot rod show or Mustang gathering. If you like different, and you like talking about your car at every stop along the way, this ultra rare Ford Kelly Python might just be for you.